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CycleScheme - Flexible, affordable, tax-free

CycleScheme - Flexible, affordable, tax-free

Make big savings on a bike for work with Cyclescheme

What are the benefits?
  • Big monthly savings on the cost of a new bike and safety equipment
  • Pay monthly and save VAT*, Income Tax and National Insurance
  • Get any make & model from C&D Cycles
  • Make your requests on-line

How much can I save?

This is an example of how savings are made for basic and higher rate tax payers on a 1000 bike package hired over a 12 month period.

Higher Rate Basic Rate
Bike package retail price 10001000
VAT saved* 148.94148.94
Income tax saved & NI saved 348.93280.85
Monthly repayments from gross salary 70.9270.92
Net monthly payments 41.8447.52
Total cost of bike package 502.13570.21

At the end of 12 months, under a separate agreement, the ownership may be transferred to the hirer for a fair market value payment of around 5%

How does it work?
  • Talk to your employer and then get them to sign up with Cyclescheme
  • Visit C&D Cycles and choose your equipment - you will be issued with a quote for your bike package
  • Enter the quote online using our secure extranet system
  • After an eligibility check, a hire agreement will be sent to your employer, or directly to you.
  • You return your signed hire agreement to your employer, and a secure voucher is sent out.
  • You redeem the secure vouchure with C&D Cycles on production of photographic ID

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* VAT saving is not applicable to all companies. Consult your employer.